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Best IT Solutions
Best IT Solutions
The BITS organization in the sphere of IT specializes in area of management, service of computer networks and adjustments of servers. Programs installed by us and servers are based on the Linux operating system. And, as we know, installation of the Linux operating system doesn't demand license acquisition, i.e. the customer is exempted from additional expenses. Services provided by us multilaterally, beginning from adjustment of various types of servers before creation of specific programs and the systems conforming to requirements of the customer which will give the chance to it to accelerate and automate some processes and sharply to reduce paper work.
The BITS organization provides the following services. Internet Traffic, Control and Shaping:
Allows to supervise Internet traffic consumption at the enterprise, to receive information reports on connections, to limit access of users to resources of an external network. Mail Server:
Existence of own electronic e-mail server will allow you:
1 . To increase security and to improve electronic document flow of your enterprise.
2 . To eliminate all restrictions connected with e-mail (the size of the attached files, number of users)
3 . By written questions-answers to automate processes of the organization or automatically to obtain statistical data on the current provisions of the organization (sale, a warehouse, accounting data)

Router, firewall — the Server:
Use of router of the server will help you to reduce the cost of the hardware of computers, using as servers weak or outdated cars. Firewall the server centrally operates these computers and allows to supervise completely Internet access - working space of the user.

VPN — the server:
Many companies face need of ensuring distant work and remote communication of the offices, warehouses and shops. Using the VPN server, you have an opportunity of association of a set of remote computers in one local network, i.e. possibility of distant work and remote management of the company. We possess a special complex of hardware-software means which will provide you high efficiency and, as a rule, high degree of security.

HTTP server:
Thanks to the WEB SERVER the organization can use the software which will allow to organize, for example, in very short time online store or to update prices of goods and company services in real time. Installation of the HTTP server will give the chance to you to have own program of management. Thanks to it you can operate and supervise organization work.
Backup system. Control of archiving of data:
Cases of failures of the computers involving full deleting of saved-up information are frequent. It can occur for technical reasons or by inexperience. You will lose very important for you or your organization the information saved up in years.
The special system of backup developed by us and archiving of data allows all information processed on all (or it is selective) computers of your organization, to copy in the reserve server which can be also out of establishment. Access to it will be coded and possible only for you or the person entrusted by you.
System of backup installed by us and archiving of data – pledge of long and reliable storage of all information necessary for you.
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