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Put your company on the cutting edge of information technology with Bits Business Package. Our professional team will fully support and monitor your network 24/7/365, including desktops, servers and commercial applications ensuring your business operates at its maximum capability smoothly and securely. We can create information technology infrastrcture that provide enormous benefits to a large variety of companies, particularly

Significant IT cost reduction
IT strategy development
Customized IT solutions
Access to business files from anywhere with any devices
Enhanced protection from viruses
Smart backup solutions

Digital security can no longer be ignored by businesses. Companies that fail to identify the most common, significant and serious security concerns or threats are far more likely to be targeted by malicious users or suffer a breach. Access to the latest security software and IT services can often play an integral role in developing or implementing a more effective security strategy. Success in businesses today means assuring customers of their online safety. No one wants their organization to be the one that makes their customers fears come true.Get a qoute
IT security.

We can identify potential threats to your business, and help you manage the risks through our cybersecurity services. Any significant changes to your environment need to be managed to ensure you don’t open up your business to a potential cyber-attack that may cost you precious time and money to overcome. Our tested methodology is well defined, tuned and developed over many years. Using sophisticated analysis and reporting enables us to provide assurance that your business is secure.
Network Maintenance and Monitoring.

Bits Network Monitoring solutions assist enterprises in discovering everything related to network infrastructure & offer high-end resolutions through continuous monitoring, alerting, and graphing. You get to see the complete visibility of your network via real-time network monitoring reports for all your critically essential applications. Our 24/7 NOC monitoring keeps you ahead of the competitive edge and helps you enjoy the uninterrupted services.
IT infrastructure scalability.

Scalability is in the forefront of every small business owner’s mind. You have to make sure that you are prepared to not only be successful now, but also in the future. One of the biggest concerns for a lot of owners is IT infrastructure scalability. Outsourcing your technology maintenance to a managed services provider is without a doubt the easiest way to guarantee business IT scalability. By partnering with an expert, like BITS, all of these items that are critical to your ability to rely on technology for business growth are taken care of.
Outsourced IT Strategy and Advice.

Our experts will be able to review your operations and design an IT strategy that aligns your technology with specific business requirements. It will help improve the performance of IT infrastructure and software, increase your effectiveness, improve your decision making, all while providing costs savings and helping you manage your risk.
24/7 outsources IT support.

Our outsourced technical help desk services are flexible and customizable to fit your specific needs. Our agents are constantly being updated on new technologies and changes in the marketplaces. They bring their knowledge of customer service to every call. They are trained on your business and offerings so they can help in every situation.
Customized solutions.

Having operated within the technology business for a many years, BITS has established itself as a professional service provider in customized IT Solutions. The aim of the custom-built Solutions team is to boost the advantages businesses can achieve by adopting a tailored approach to the answer while meeting their business demands.





Professional Services




You get your IT support handled by experts in the business

You do not have to add an entirely new department to your company

Outsourced IT solutions help you mitigate risks

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"FPWC" Foundation

Ruben Khachatryan
Founder and Chairman of "FPWC"

The integration of IT services in our workflow is enough high (remote sites, mobile workers, WEB projects etc...) and accordingly the requirements to IT services are more high than standard solutions. We have worked with many IT companies, but the BITS satisfied our ultimate goal. The unique technology developed by BITS is really amazing. Even during server farm migration or upgrades we are getting zero downtime. Over 12 years of cooperation BITS become our stable and reliable partner.

"L4" LLC

Lilit Shahnazaryan
Founder and CEO of "L4" LLC

Due to grow of company workflow it was necessary to have smooth and secure IT services and automation of processes. The technology and methods used by BITS in IT services were very attractive. After presenting our requirements and having IT consultation with BITS staff, we have realized the uniqueness of the BITS technology, which is really unique and advanced. Last 12 years of cooperation approved the rightness of our choice.

"Metal group" Co.Ltd

Norik Hakobjanyan
Founder and CEO of "Metal group" Co.Ltd

We have been cooperating with BITS about 12 years. For our company BITS provide the unique IT infrastructure solutions. The level of security and flexibility of BITS service's is really out of competition.

"Simartek" (CJSC)

Robert Khachatryan
CEO of "Simartek" (CJSC)

Simartek outsources the IT services to BITS more than 10 years. BITS implemented his unique technology in our IT infrastructure. Security, flexibility and stability - these are the 3 factors which accompanied us during this

"Leon A. Yacoubian Contracting" LLC

Vasken Yacoubian
CEO of "Leon A. Yacoubian Contracting" LLC

Our company has been cooperating with BITS for more than 8 years for our domain and email services. We have been satisfied with the security, stability and customer care provided by BITS for our account and didn't face any compromising, hacking or other issues...



Professional Services

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